Alibi-Detect runtime for MLServer

This package provides a MLServer runtime compatible with alibi-detect models.


You can install the mlserver-alibi-detect runtime, alongside mlserver, as:

pip install mlserver mlserver-alibi-detect

For further information on how to use MLServer with Alibi-Detect, you can check out this worked out example.

Content Types

If no content type is present on the request or metadata, the Alibi-Detect runtime will try to decode the payload as a NumPy Array. To avoid this, either send a different content type explicitly, or define the correct one as part of your model’s metadata.


The Alibi Detect runtime exposes a couple setting flags which can be used to customise how the runtime behaves. These settings can be added under the parameters.extra section of your model-settings.json file, e.g.

  "name": "drift-detector",
  "implementation": "mlserver_alibi_detect.AlibiDetectRuntime",
  "parameters": {
    "uri": "./alibi-detect-artifact/",
    "extra": {
      "batch_size": 5


You can find the full reference of the accepted extra settings for the Alibi Detect runtime below: